Our Story

We are a family of ice cream lovers. Ok, maybe we love it a lot. So when the quarantines and lockdowns from the pandemic started in 2020, we looked to one of our greatest loves as a family to fill some of the free time! We purchased an ice cream attachment for our Kitchen Aid and the rest is history.

Our kids have been involved every step of the way from R&D to recipe development. By having them involved as we turn this hobby into a business, we hope to teach them some of our values: work ethic, responsibility, and the joy that can be found in putting a smile on other's faces! 

After selling our pints online, we decided to share our unique ice cream flavors with our local community.  We are so excited to now have an ice cream shop in downtown Waconia and we look forward to providing a unique ice cream experience to all that walk through our door! 

Who are we?

  • Nick is the scientist, who has put in hours of studying the science of ice cream.
  • Kristen is all about the details, from recipe development to branding.
  • The kids have the hardest job, they are the innovators, artists and imagineers. But most importantly, taste testers!
Thank you to our friends and family who have been our biggest cheerleaders along the way!