Who are we? 

Just a family of ice cream lovers on a mission to spread joy and happiness through ice cream! 


How can I order? 

Follow us on Instagram @frozenfiveicecreamery and click the bell for notifications. This will notify you when we drop a new flavor. The link in the bio will take you to the website to order. 


What makes our ice cream unique? 

We make our ice cream base from scratch using fresh ingredients. Most of our flavors have lots of chunks of handmade delicious flavors!


How long does our ice cream last? 

If your ice cream lasts longer than your drive home, congratulations!  We recommend eating our ice cream within 2 weeks, but it will stay fresh and delicious for up to 6 months if stored properly. There is also a best by date on our pint containers as a reminder. 


Do we ship? 

We do not ship at this time. We may offer this service in the future. 


How do I pick up my order?

We will post pick up times on our Instagram page. These times will also be posted on our flavor page on the website.  

The address for pick up is:

3425 Highway 169N, Plymouth, MN 55441


Do you have a store front?

We will be opening a store front summer of 2021 in downtown Waconia, MN. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates.